Music Beds - When, Why, and Worth

Do any AJ authors include music bed mixes in their typical music uploads? I’m curious in what situation you would go that route, and if it affects your sales. Thanks!

Hi I don’t know much about music bed, but what I do know is that you can’t include different / alternative mixes. I tried to do it many times, with less compressed or voice over mixes and they were rejected.
What you can do is create different versions with or without voices or elements . Hope if helps

Thanks @MeGustaMusic! It wouldn’t be an alternate mix, rather the same mix just without the lead melodic instruments.

Ok, in that case AJ allows it.

I try to uploaded alternative lengths and loops, instrumentals if the track have vocals. But I never notice if it benefits sales, as my best sellers tracks only have 1 or 2 files in the zip.
I keep doing several edits, when it makes sense, because I feel that the clients would appreciate. But I wish it would reflect on sales a little more.

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