music and copyright


We want to buy this audio item to use on our promotionnal videos for youtube (food supplements)

But reading this document

It say that it’s not okay to use for Supply of regulated goods and services: This includes the supply of alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements, fireworks, weapons, gambling or adult escort services.

Basicaly we can’t use any material provide by Envato in our domain of activity?

Someone can confirm please?


Are the food supplements you’re selling regulated goods? If not, I don’t think there is an issue. Pharmaceutical companies do use music from Envato, so I don’t know how strict of a rule this is.

Also sidenote in the French version of the site, titles are translated as well?! @BenLeong you may want to have a look at this overkill translation. As it is now for this item, it’s complete gibberish about a “bottle opener” logo.

Hello thank you for your quick answer PurpleFog.

Yes i confirm that the french title is a bit wrong :wink:

Do i need to ask confirmation from the creator of this sound about Envato policy and usage? We want to avoid any legal issue.

I will ask my boss if food supplements we are selling are considering as regulated goods but i don’t think so.

I just found the individual product’s page


To be honest I don’t know if the author’s permission can void Envato’s terms here. In Audiojungle, the agreement is between you and the author, but I don’t think it’s the same for Elements.

Your best bet is to ask Envato support.

In my opinion I think it’s a non-issue, though I understand that you’d want confirmation.

Thank you again :wink:

If i follow correctly, if i buy the product in Audiojungle directly, no issue with Envato policy and usage right?

Ce que je veux dire c’est que d’après Envato, sur Audiojungle, l’accord se fait entre l’auteur et l’acheteur. Ce qui implique qu’une permission explicite de l’auteur rendrait nulle une interdiction présente dans les termes de la licence. Ce qui n’est probablement pas le cas sur Elements.

Ceci est juste mon opinion en tant qu’auteur, seul le support peut donner une réponse à valeur légale.

Je vais essayer de trouver le formulaire pour les contacter pour avoir confirmation de cette information.

Merci en tout cas pour votre retour et votre aide.

Bien cordialement

Salut @neoseeyou :slight_smile:

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support - that team will be able to help with your licensing question.

@PurpleFog Thanks for letting me know about the mistranslation! I’ll raise that with the Elements team.

Out of interest, what is a more appropriate translation for opener in this context?

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Merci @BenLeong

Je vais les contacter

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“Séquence d’ouverture” maybe… but I don’t think there is a specific term in French in this case. French professionals probably use the English term.

Anyway, this is one case, but the translations of the descriptions and titles for all items are riddled with nonsensical gibberish. This looks far less professional than if these weren’t translated at all.

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