Muse Widget for Menu table and Post images and text

I am interested in knowing if there is a widget that will allow my clients to be able to post images and text from their own computer without our assistance on their webpage simply by going to a control panel similar to tinymce.

For example, look at specials page. There we created a special page with a control panel using tinymce. But the trouble of connecting the database has been very discouraging to say the least.

Question 1: Do you have a widget that might allow the customer to post images and text but not put us through having to insert tinymce and connecting to a database? Please note, that every time a change is made on the website and upload it the strings to the database gets broken. To say the least, it is not good.

Question 2: Is there a widget that will allow us to put a menu table similar to the tables inserted in menu. At this time what we do is create the table in Dreamweaver, copy the complete html code and go back to Muse to insert the code. Every time there is a menu change, the same thing needs to be done, which is to open up the folder where the table is contained, make the changes in Dreamweaver and go back to Muse to insert the new table and download from Muse into Dreamweaver the new updates. Finally, we upload the website. Incidentally, when this happens the tinymce gets disconnected.

Question 3: Is there any solution to these two dilemmas. Our client loves the setup but we simply hate it. Please help