Muse Fonts

Hey guys… Today I checked Museo Slab and Museo Sans fonts on Adobe Muse Typekit Its free I can add to my fonts list. Can I use those fonts in my projects?


If they are using Adobe Muse they most likely will have a Typekit account too! :smile:

Plus “Museo Slab” and “Museo Sans” are 100% Free For Commercial Use

Answer: Yes

Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply, I’ll be using those fonts in project…

Be aware though, the Edge fonts are free forever, but with the typekit fonts they will only display for as long as you have an adobe cc account, so imagine creating a site for a client and a few months down the line something happens (like you move on to wordpress and close your adobe account) your clients site will suddenly stop displaying the typekit fonts. Use google fonts it’s very easy to integrate.

Does google fonts work in Muse?

Yes it does. There are a couple of good videos on youtube showing how it’s done. Its easy and muse does the hard work.