Multisite or WPML with different domains - What's the best solution?


I’m not sure what’s the best solution for my needs.

I have an english domain with thousands of blog posts and now I want to create an american .us page, that is pretty the same page BUT not every blog post should also appear on the american page and they also shouldn’t have the same date.

I’m not sure if I should use WP Multisite or WPML, and which plugin I should use additionally.

Both create subdomains, so ->
So, I also would need an additional plugin? Can I use MU Domain Mapping ( with WPML? So that would be reachable under Is this ok for SEO?

If that works, I think I would prefer WPML because it’s easy to create duplicates of the blog posts.

What do you think?

Thank you

If you want to link together separate WordPress network (multisite) installations for each language by pinging back and forth, what you need is:


But if you want to use WPML, what you need is



Thank you, I think I want to have the WPML solution.

A SEO question:

I use the WPML-function “Add links to the original content with rel=“canonical” attributes.”

But is it very bad for SEO if I have

with, more or less, the same content?