Multisite on "eClipse Photo Portfolio Theme"


On my website i have the " eClipse Photo Portfolio Wordpress theme". I want to install a Multisite.

I disabled the extensions. I changed the htaccess and wp_config files as requested. Then reactivate the extensions.

The main site is displayed but part of the css no longer works as before.

Where can the problem come from?


You are not able to install multi site same theme without another license.
A single license for a single domain.if you want to install multi site then you have to purchase another license of that theme for that site.
Hope you understand.
Let me know any other question.


Hi @sirjenny

assuming that your support has not expired. Installation is not a part of the support but you can request theme Author to support you about multisite Network configuration hope they will assist you. Please Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know your query.


unfortunately, the previous creator of the site did not keep the code so i can’t contact the support… :frowning:

I just want to create on my currently (

It’s not possible with 1 license ?