Multiply Uploads with Content ID - Songlicense

Hi, I have a short question about Content ID.
I produced a video for a client. I bought a song which is protected by Content ID (AdRev). I uploaded it on YouTube and I cleared the YouTube copyright notice.
But what happen if my client want to upload this video again on a other YouTube Channel? Can I use the same Audiojungle license again?

In my opinion I can upload it on any website I want because I bought the license for the use in one video and not for the use just on one website.
Has anyone experience in this case?

Because it would be very embarrassing if my client want to do this maybe in the future and then he noticed that he need to buy a license again and have to spend money again.

In general, I see this “problem” just with YouTube, right? On other websites there is no copyright-check-system at the moment.