Multiple Youtube Claim Problem, 1 Rejected Dispute

I have a envato elements subscription and I used this song for one of my youtube videos: (Nocturne op.9 No.2 Chopin Piano, Royalty Free Music Track - Envato Elements) author is @Manriquedelara . However I received 4 Content ID claimsww. I’ve already submitted dispute to all 4, 3 are currently in review and 1 is already rejected. I don’t want to appeal it as it may result in a copyright strike on my channel. Could you please help? Im attaching the screenshot of the disputed claims . Please help!

People registering public domain classical music in ContentID is just crazy. Actually YouTube is the crazy one for allowing to register such pieces.

Unfortunately there is nothing @Manriquedelara can do, as he did not issue those claims. But you do have all rights to appeal, those claims are abusive indeed, you cannot claim a composition that is not your own.

You may want to contact the claimant (so called author, as well as the ContentID third-party service) who rejected your dispute. Tell them they have no rights to claim the music, and threaten them with legal actions if they don’t respond positively.

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Sad to read that. Sorry for incoveniences.
I suppose you have send the license to youtube and they do nothing.

Maybe its time to register my recordings.
All my classical piano tracks are played by a cousin of mine at his home and recorded and mixed by me.


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it would help, as this case shows that you can receive multiple claims for a same music asset. You would just add your claim to the other ones.

Youtube needs to better in dealing with such cases. As it is now, it’s a hot mess.