Multiple withdraw this month ?


The old system still same like in 2015, it is allowing us to make multiple withdrawn.

Questions for envato stuff?
Can we make multiple withdraw this month?
Also my user account pay 30% for US sales, i think multiple withdrawing from my account shouldn’t be problem. Can you explain?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I thought withdrawals were always only once a month around the 15th.

You can try but not sure it will change anything

He is talking about multiple withdrawals to their partners.

I have same question. Multiple withdraw to partners.

We’re curious about the same thing. Anyone hear any updates on this?

I know that withdrawals processed on 15th of month, but requesting withdrawals should make at the last day of month. One day left and we want to know can we make multiple withdrawals?

Same question any answer ? :confused:

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I have same question for withdraw

Really bad we didn’t get response only one hour left to withdraw :cry:

I’m very curious too. I have sent the money to all of my partners but i’m not sure if there’ll be any issues or not ?

We still can send money to our partners

For multiple withdrawals in the same country, no extra documentation is required. If the withdrawals are to different countries (using Skrill, PayPal, or any other method), then you need to provide the documentation about the account owner in the country of residence that matches up to the W-8 form information. In other words, we want to verify that you are indeed, in that country!


We haven’t set any restrictions at this time, however we may introduce them soon. Our aim is only to address some limited convenience for authors. Longer term, we are still working to get to a single withdrawal per author so we can automate the whole system up.

Read this Collis comment.
Changes to Split Withdrawals from January 1st 2016

Well, I’ve not submitted any documentary evidence yet. Can I submit any government issued utility bill (stating my residence)?

I split withdraw for 2 account Skrill:

Someone explain for me. 2 account same Skrill.

I have made 3 (paypal, paypal, payoneer) withdrawals at this month without any problem :slight_smile:

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