Multiple use of a music track possible?

Hi, guys, this is the scenario: My client runs a commercial exhibition and would like to make a video clip available for all ca. 50 exhibitors for them to post it on their respective social channels. The clips will be customized in the sense that they all contain the logo of the exhibitor in question - so in fact it is around 50 clips carrying a different logo each. I am wondering what would be the correct license model for such a scenario? Your help is greatly appreciated!


There are two policies that let you use a single license for more than one video.These are the series policy and the variation policy.

I don’t think the variation policy would work in this case, as it allows for translation, shorter version, or minor text changes. In your case, the different logos would be more than mere minor text changes. So I think you can’t rely on that.

Now, the series policy allows for a single license to cover up to 52 episodes. If your 50 clips may be considered as episodes, then you could invoke this policy. If not, then unfortunately, you would have to get a license for each video.

You can read about it here:

In any case, while you can always get advice or opinions on the forums, only support can give you a binding answer.

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