Multiple quote "submission" WP Theme


First of all sorry for my bad English writing it’s not my first language. I hope you will understand my needs.

I have to create a website for a Multiple Quotes request for Moving companies. I’m looking for a theme because it will be cheaper for our clients.

The options i’m looking for:

  • Client register;
  • The client answer a few questions about his need;
  • The moving company receive a notification of a new client need a quote
  • The moving company have to register to participate;
  • Once connected, the company can see the open quote;
  • The company can send a quote to the client;
  • The client can accept or refuse a quote;
  • The client can give a review to the company;
  • I don’t need to have an eCommerce part like taking payment.

I hope I’m clear enough with my needs.

Thanks for your time and support !

Sounds like a basic marketplace features but I’m not sure that you’d be able to find a theme to perform everything together as this is a quite custom project and you may need to invest some serious money.

Still, if you’re lucky, there may be some theme out-there you can use it.