Multiple Purchases Of Same Product

Sorry if it is not perfect place to ask. But I have a question and a big suggestion (idea).

I like themeforest and codecanyon very much and I often buy many products here for my personal needs and also for my clients. The problem is, some of my clients don’t want to create account and buy here separately, then hire me for a contract and ask me to do whatever needs to purchase.

So, I often need to buy same products multiple times for my multiple clients. The big problem is, it is hard to remember what I purchased for whom or why or for which project. I mean, when I go to ‘downloads’ page of my account, it shows a list of my purchased items; but I can not keep any short note by which I can easily remember which item is purchased why.

So, is there any way or if envato allows to keep a short note with each purchase and specially beside of each item listed in ‘downloads’ page, it will be great.
For example, if I buy Avada 20 times for my 20 separate clients, I go to downloads page, I can easily understand if there’s a short note of every purchase.

I tried my best to explain, if I am not clear, please ask me, I will try to explain again.

Also, is there any way to contact envato team directly or may be any email to envato sales or support team?


Please browse this help page for questions on buying an item.
There is also a link below on that page in case you need to contact support team.

The best and the most effective solution would be to hold an MS-Office-Excel File for all your purchases with necessary fields (Or maybe even an MS-Office-Access Database) ; I know it may seem too “obvious” but it will work. With this (or similar) approach you’ll have the complete control over your purchase archive, independent from Envato’s interface which totally controlled by them. Good luck.

Why don’t you use purchase codes for this? You have a unique code for each item you bought. Note them somewhere like notepad and that’s it :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use purchase codes for this? You have a unique purchase code for each item you bought. Just note them somewhere like notepad and that’s it :slight_smile: