Multiple items from the same Taxonomy and search plugin for WordPress

Hello, I am looking for the WP plugin which support to select and search multiple choices from the same taxonomy and search the results. I need to have more than one selection in Features box in this site if there is any one here who know the plugin to do it, kindly I would like your assistance

Hi @herman3

If you haven’t found one already, there are a couple of plugins for taxonomy filter/search here: (if you are alooking for a Woocommerce case scenario, just click in the search results the “woocommerce” filter in the left pane)

Did you find something?

I have written a plugin to do this, and I could share some of the code. What country are you from?

Hi there,

you can try LSCF: Feel free to test it as it’s on sale now and also our policy is 15 days money back guarantee.