Multiple Domains License - Authors Let's Unite

Hi there fellow authors!

Let’s unite and put some pressure for implementing “Multiple Domains License”

This will increase earnings steadily for both Envato and us the authors. I know buyers can purchase another license, but they will never do it as they already have one license.

Please vote +1 for this feature - I strongly believe there’ll be lots of increases and more legit use of the licensing


A big +1 to this.

I am also requesting this from past 6 months. But, it is going on deaf ears.

Come on guys! Participate - it’s really a must!

I agree. I think this is a must to get more sales

+1 really like this idea

+1 vote for it’s stuff too!!

More details please! License price, benefit, etc. ?


  1. Those who don’t purchase license multiple times never purchase “multiple domain license”.
  2. Those who do purchase license multiple times (leading to lot of sales) but settles for “multiple domain license”.

In this case, “Multiple Domain License” will lead to less overall sales / volume for products in the long run.

Pricing suggestion could be:

  • 5 Domains: regular license + 125-150%
  • 10 Domains: regular + 200-300%
  • Unlimited domains: regular + 400-500%

So an item of $10 regular license:

  • 5 domains: $22.5-$25
  • 10 domains: $30-$40
  • Unlimited: $50-$60

Just a rough idea, i don’t guarantee for the maths


A BIG +1 for Multiple Domain License.

If some one doesn’t purchase, that doesnt mean we should stop improving the system. An improved licensing system is best for both buyers and authors. And, obviously Envato.

+++1 Yes, envato should implement it to get more sales.

+1 and a Developer License please…

+1 Multiple Domains License

+1 for this idea

@scottwills @ShaneFreer what you think?

Hi @crivion! Not my area I’m afraid. Let me notify @EricSchwartz, I know he did a great job with changes to AudioJungle licensing and Video Media licensing.

Don’t worry, we listen to and consider everything. Not everything is a priority however. Here’s our current priorities for this year if you’re interested.

Regarding our “ears”, you’d be surprised actually. If Envato was a person, we’d probably look like this. :smiley:



@scottwills you always been awesome thanks

+1 for nice image @scottwills!

Okay got it! Thanks for the effort.

But first let them recover from item support policy. :wink: