Multiplayer Online Games(HTML5)

I’m working on a Multiplayer Online game, I’d like to know what are your thoughts on Selling the project on codecanyon or tryng to make money with ads(hard way).

Is that category of games “sellable” are there any customers searching for that kind of games

Personally, I’ve seen many HTML5 games around here. The thing is, if it’s an unique game it will get some sales but not too many, I’ve usually seen games get around 20-30 sales. The only games that seem to go well are popular games (solitaire, poker, mario clones) or games that are trending at the moment (at their times: flappy bird, apple-pen, etc…).

I wouldn’t personally sell games here, even though I thought about it. One good thing now is that you can set your own price and you might make more money if buyers get extended licenses.

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Today, multiplayer online games are so fun because they challenge the players to play with or other players, where they will create a strategy and new tactics in different settings. Most multiplayer games attempt to faster interaction and coordination among different players. I had browse around this website where I had found out many multiplayer games which had enhanced the skills and capabilities of my kids.

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