Multikart Angular - how to customize tsconfig paths

Hi all.
Recently I got the Multikart Templeate for Angular and I want to change the structure of the project (no problems with this so far), but also I like to use customs paths. Normally I use this ones in tsconfig:

"baseUrl": "src",
    "paths": {
        "@app/*": ["app/*"],
        "@core/*": ["app/core/*"],
        "@services/*": ["app/core/services/*"],
        "@modules/*": ["app/modules/*"],
        "@shared/*": ["app/shared/*"],
        "@models/*": ["app/shared/models/*"]

I put that paths in the “tsconfig.base.js”, but this paths don’t work.
Im doing something wrong ?
It’s posible to do this ?

I also mention that before trying this, the app was running with no problems.

Please help me.
My thanks in advance.