Multi-Month Contractor Job Board

I am looking for something I’m not sure exists, and was hoping you could tell me which of the Themeforest WordPress themes would best fit the criteria given you research. I would be extremely appreciative for any insight you can offer.

So, consider a job board for a specific industry (companies and contractors are invited to create accounts) where location is not a consideration (constantly traveling work), all the candidates are contractors, and they are contracted for multiple months at a time. The candidates would need a 2 year calendar where they can block off dates already booked by clicking a start date and end date and maybe entering a title or description… something simple for them to manage. The prospective clients can search by job category, experience, availability (against the booked calendars of all candidates), and a few other fields. The clients would also be able to build out contractor jobs needed for a project such that the candidates can inquire about them. I would also like the clients to be able to mark candidates as favorites so they build a favorites list by category for future reference. Does something like this exist … particularly with an availability calendar as described?


Maybe and exist but I didn’t find out of box solution. My advice is to hire someone who will make site by your specification. It is little expensive but you will get what you need and on long term is better.

If you want I can give you my offer but I will need more specifications .