Multi level menus w/ graphical interface

Hi all. I run a theme park website named BrachPhotography.

Right now, I am utilizing Adobe Flash which as we all know is being phased out rather rapidly. My site was constructed using Notepad and Flash Scripting. Plus some CSS built in too.

Need to convert the entire thing from non-responsive html that I hard coded many years ago into an all-new HTML5, responsive site.

I want to keep the aspect of having Graphical Menus for my visitors to select when they click on an amusement park name, the next menu they get is all of the rides with graphical buttons (bubble style buttons prefered, but box is fine) and once they click on a ride name, they get taken to that specific gallery. Most parks have more than 10 rides listed.

Take a look at what I have now (MUST allow Flash to view content). I haven’t had any major updates since 2012 due to life getting in the way and wanting to do a complete overhaul of the site for quite some time.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have already reached out to the Envato Facebook Support and they redirected me here.


Hello Will,

Why you don’t use some CMS like Wordpress? Now you will use HTML which is not user friendly.

I found and purchased Smarty -link provided. I really like it’s design and flow of things. However, I really do not like how when loading a gallery, it’s pre-loading over 300 photos at once. This has proven to be a major bug while mobile device testing on a free public wifi network. Is there any way that I can have this NOT preload 300+ images until they’re needed?


Only to hire someone who will customise that HTML template.