Multi bloggers site similar to Medium

Hi there
I am looking for a multiblogging platform as a solution for our site where authors can register and publish their content which includes blogs,videoblogs,podcasts and photoblogs.
Any suggestions for a WP theme or another software solution?We are using Social Engine for couple of years now but this software has a number of drawbacks and more disadvantages than expected, hence we are looking for a better option.

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You need to provide more informations and details. Each author will have own subdomain or he or she will write on your blog etc?

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Hi notcy_social !

It’s best you get your own blogging platform in custom php. With social engine or any other theme you will always face issues and troubles. With a custom multi blogger platform you will have complete ease of access it will be your own blogging platform with all the options as per requirements. I can help you out with my best possible services and solutions.Contact via my envato profile
Thank You


Hi Zaccc

For the time being we are having a separate page for each author where visitor can see all published posts and our intention is to keep it this way.The suggested separation can be done by topics for the categories on our general blog.

hello. try using joomla… that is like wp but more possibility to edit… but you need to learn how to use it and assistance of web development…

Thank you, ganesbau.We were considering this option.

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You don’t need Joomla or any custom job. You just need to use WordPress and allow the users to register/post.

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you can use wordpress or Drupal both can work

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If you are looking for a custom solution, I’ve got something nice, let me know on my profile page here.

Thank you for the help ki-themes!

Thanks a lot ,luckygraphic

And then dump the project if it succeeds.

Hi Zaccc

Sorry for being curious but I have never used WP.What would be advantages & disadvantages of each method and the two different solutions?I think each author should be able to log in and publish the post
The admin has to aprove it before it foes online.Apart of it I’m not quite sure.For example if someone comes around and publish one single post and never comes back is it necessary to have a delegated subdomain?

Hi @notcy_social

You can build a multiblogging site using WordPress.

Contact me using my profile contact form to discuss further where I can explain you how to achieve it.