Multi Author Blog Theme


I run a number of Facebook groups related to fishing, carp fishing to be precise. I want to build a site that allows my members to post stories / vlogs of their fishing trips. Ideally i would like options to monetise it through making upgrades available to them. For example making their post featured / highlighted etc. Also maybe an option, although it may need a secondary option for businesses to advertise, post too.

Can you guys recommend any…?

Why you search in themes you have tons plugins for such purpose.

Can you recommend any?. I just thought a theme would offer more options as I wish to also monetise it…

This is not what I am really after. I am looking for a theme really so users can log in and post their stories from the front end. It would also need to have an option where I can charge people to post.

You will not find out of box solution. And you will need and customize some plugins.