Mt template bootstrap4 got rejected.

My template boostrap got hard rejected,so what should I do?
the reason of reject “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”

I m a new beginning then I need some big help to advice me how to solve my problem. I have read help but still not know what I need to solve this.

Really need big help fron any specialist. Please bring me to see green light.

Very appreciated for your advice me to make my new oppotunitied to success.


You must share your website url to check what is wrong with the demo.



1st Thank for good comments and help me.

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its already been approved by the original author

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yes…its already available…

Very appreciated for your big help and great support.

Thanks & Regards

It may not my template. I just create on July 30. Did I mis-understand.

Anyway think. You may click my link.


I think it may not my template. Did u click my link that I was attach in previous comment.

Anyway thank for helping. I still really need your big advice if my template still not approved

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It’s identical to that other link - which was created over 1 year ago. If you can’t create your own work then this is not a marketplace for you.

My link is below then what I need to do. Revise naming or what.

Hope to get your suggession.

Big thank

I m go inside that 1 year url then I need to discuss with my programmer for this. It look very close with them that is the reason why rejects.

Thank every one for helping me.

It’s more than close - it’s identical.

If someone else is building for you then I suggest looking elsewhere as you could end up in serious trouble if that got through and you were profiting from someone else’s work