Moving a WP theme to another domain



Hi guys

What would you recommend as the best plugin to use to copy a WP site AS IS and litterally move it to another domain name? I always use WP Clone, but I see that it’s starting to give issues.

Thanks in advance.



Best plugin ever seen updraftplus Use pro version. :smile:


Thanks, I’ll try the free version first. Pro is a bit too expensive for me…


Free version will not work for site migration.


Then I’d have too look for something else, thanks.


You don’t need a plugin to transfer it… a simple import export and upload will do it…


Will this do the trick with the database and all the files, media, posts and pages?


Yes just export your .sql from your phpmyadmin… and download all the files, media into your HDD… If your a developer then you can simply do these steps…