Movie recommendations

I was thinking about this thread. I’d recommend “Uncut Gems” by Safdie brothers. What have you seen recently worth seeing?


I just flew into the Melbourne office from Canada, which gives me 17 hours of “airplane” movie time. So I watched the sequel to Zombieland which was pretty fun. Particularly the bonus bit with Bill Murray.

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Iberia by Carlos Saura. Incredible, unique music movie about flamenco.

My top five:

  1. La Meglio Gioventù
  1. 2001:A Space Odyssey
  1. El Laberinto Del Fauno
  1. Alien
  1. A Man For All Seasons

This is one of my all time favorites, love how the story evolves there, you can even take something from it to think about in your own life etc :smiley:

“Final Destination 5”. One of my favorite movies. :slightly_smiling_face:

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“The Hole in the Ground” I also liked it.

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Parasite was pretty cool, I saw it before it got the Oscar as people kept recommending it.

If you like series, I also really enjoyed Le Casa de Papel/Money heist on Netflix.

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Parasite is indeed a good movie, pure cinema (and, as always, who cares about oscars, I never did.)

I really need to watch Parasite along with JoJo Rabbit.

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Interstellar is one of my favorite movie ! :slight_smile: I really LOVE the Hanz Zimmer music in this one.

I can also add Into the wild !

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Not a movie but I just finished two series on Netflix that were a lot of fun. Ragnarok from Norway and The Circle. I really liked them both. Worth a watch IMO.


I can also recommend the series. I watched 4 episodes and I really liked it!

If you are a fan of Johny depp then watch Secret window. One of his best movie

Well, obviously, everyone’s taste is different but you may want to check Roger Ebert’s (R.I.P.) website and his famous “GREAT MOVIES” reviews. He rarely uses the phrase “GREAT MOVIE”.

Note: Reading his reviews is like reading a passage from your favorite book, at least that’s what happens in my case.

Note II: If you think that the so-called superhero “video-clips” are “movies” (there are a very few exceptions to that, but anyway) then this list may not be your list. So, reader/watcher beware. :wink:

I just finished stranger things which are great

and completed Gotham

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I think that first season of “True Detective” needs a mention.

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you can watch The Witcher, it is a awesome show in Netflix. You can bing watch The Dome also, this is also interesting and is also available on Netflix.