Movie Night flyer hard rejected


Hello I made a flyer for movie night.
Artwork and title are 3D design.
But it’s hard rejected.
Anyone know why? thnx

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It looks good, but the heirachy of the text is out, the text is fighting with the seat background and the straw is hard to see.



thank you, ill work on it


Shane we see a lot of things in which the titles are coming over some photo elements in the back and in many cases this is not a problem to have the item approved … simply dropping a shadow would add a bit mire depth and would help the titles to pop up ,… hard to believe that a hard rejection could happen for something like this lol


hi, i basically believe that u have bit more work to bring to the table when it comes to typos and when it comes to bringing some harmony and balance between texts and graphic elements. It also seems to lack a bit of a concept indeed. The hierarchy is something to embetter a bit as well


Rework the typography, add a vignette, and you need some lighting like optical flares.

-My opinion, hope it helps.


upload it again with some big typo. changes.
Hope it helps