Movie Logo hard reject. What do you think about this one?...


I work as an art director in the design company many years. And I do not understand what is wrong with this wonderful logo. Here is an idea, correct geometry, unusual name. Envato needs such a logo. But they rejected it.
The following items better then my artwork? I do not think so. I need your opinion. How can I upload my logo and make Envato professionals to explain me why they approove worse logos and reject better???

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Linking to other authors and their work and calling it worse than yours is just rude.

You logo is very nice but your attitude sucks.


May be you right. But Envato testers rejected my work not cause of this…


but at least the guy had a good comment from me , because that’s nice a work and original too … and quite frankly i guess that MoaRose did not go through so many pages because there’s far worst …


hi, they may not reject your item for this reason but this is not a good reason to do that to others … besides, try to think about it, would u be happy if some others guys did about your work? i guess not … authors are a community here as much as they can , pls just try to remember about this


for me , your work is good and should have been accepted , the concept is not highly original but the thing is very nice and professionally executed according to me , however, maybe i am wrong about it , but u know here they enjoy having much of a work about typo (which doesn’t always make sense by the way …) and they may have rejected because they consider that the typo is a bit too plain … as for me u have a good harmony like this and people do not need to have fonts coming out of nowhere for creating a harmonious and professional logo and as for me your logo works well … . Now, what i advice u to do is just to make the most of the fact that u have lots of other possibilities for you to post your logo design somewhere else , so that u don’t lose it … i am sure that some other place will welcome it