Movember Challenge 2018


:tada: KingDog, Envato - Thanks for the cool badge! :wink: WooHooHoo :boom:


Exlent bro superb


Congratulations to the winner Joomlastars! :grinning: :sunglasses::boom::trophy:
Hello @KingDog 2 years ago, everyone who received more than 50 likes on their posts received the “Goldest Mo” badge.
And not only for the second “before & after” posts from the end of the Movember, also for the first posts “before & after” from the beginning of the Movember: here’s for example
My first Movember post also received more than 50 likes this year. So why didn’t I get the “Goldest Mo” badge too? I think it’s a little unfair :worried:


Hello @romlam

Thanks for your wishes, I also liked your entry a lot. I seen last year also only 1 Winner.

@KingDog : Please also declare @romlam as a winner, His entry also best and unique.

you can read this

only entries that include a before and after shot will be eligible.

Result from vote of before and after photo posted on 30 Nov. Better luck next time

Thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats @joomlastars. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winner!

But I must say I’m pretty disappointed not to capture that elusive Mo Bro Pro badge.

The irony is that I’m much better at growing facial hair than making royalty free music!

I hope you all made lots of money for Movember, and thanks for all your votes, guys!!


This my personal opinion as we can see this @joomlastars & @romlam

I saw total like for @joomlastars Total = 57
before = 19 Movember Challenge 2018
after = 38 here Movember Challenge 2018

And @romlam Total = 64
before = 52 Movember Challenge 2018
after = 12 Movember Challenge 2018

From their Before & After post.

Best wish for both.


Hello @unlockdesign

Your idea for winner is good, but you can read in terms and conditions,

You are welcome to vote for your favorite entries at any point during the event, but only entries that include a before and after shot will be eligible.

I hope in next Movember 2019 envato also count before photo votes

Thanks :slight_smile:


That was my personal opinion no other issues!
Cause i will don’t like to accept someone said unfair something!


@unlockdesign I know, i hope next year envato will consider your opinion and declare result as you said, or will declare more then 1 winner,

When any competitions and declare winner i can understand everyone wants to win and after see winner they feels bad.

Everyone who participated and got mo bro badge, you are also winners

Thanks :slight_smile:


Anyway, I think you pulled the best mo! You look like a real Englishman, It is so authentic. Take care mate!


Dear Community

I think it is just a fun competition and there is no reason to take as a serious competition. Just think we are all who receive any MO badge are winner. But we can request to Envato through @KingDog that from next year make at least 3 winner and can be a condition for receive winner badge have to get at least 30 likes with some creative MO. Just my opinion. Dear All please take everything easy. We are all Friends here.

Good Luck to Everyone (Me too) for next year


@mgscoder congratulations for mo bro badge :slight_smile:


Congrats to the winner and congrats everybody else, good job and it was really funny to participate. I will live with my mustache for while :slight_smile:
Thanks Envato team for making these cool competitions for us.


I know, but, as I said, first post now include “before” and “after” shot, and have more than 50 likes.
The similar first post was awarded 2 years ago


romlam deserves a gold badge!


Congratulations :blush::blush::blush: @joomlastars


Seems fair to me :smiley:


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much everyone who participate & inspired people to make forward and finished this competition.
All of Envato Family member(Author, Purchaser, Mods, Envato Team Member)

Will see you in next Mo Bro Pro competition.
Best wish for everyone.
Thanks a lot again.

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