Movember Challenge 2018


this is better buddy do not worry this will grow back anyway lol :slight_smile:


Hello @n2n44

Yes i know, Thanks for your feedback about my entry :smiley:

I know it will be grow but it will take time, for lose it take only few minutes :smiley: :smiley:


I’m in too :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:




Me too!


It seems that this year the badge will be yours) :+1:


Challenge accepted


I’m in too!




My picture for Movember 2018



Here we go! Not the best at growing a beard, but giving it a shot!! :grin: :bearded_person::bearded_person:


The Winner is Here :joy::rofl:


Ps. Not sure if I was too late to enter! Took me too long to decide if I should grow a beard haha!



I think you are late :slight_smile:

You should have to post before November 6 for win badges

Take a cleanly shaven, fresh faced photo of yourself before you start growing your mo and post to our forums on or before November 6!

Thanks :slight_smile:


You are 11 days left :frowning:



Hi!! I’m in!! 18.11.2018


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WOW! It’s time to go with mo …