*.mov not inported

Who can help me?
When i open a after effect tutorial in after effect. My computer say… (After effects error: source file has not importable streams. please check that it is a valid video/audio file.) (86:1) Than i push “ok” The next message is: After effects error: file 'Light_particles_01.Mov- this 'mov’file is damage or unsupported.
Then i push again “ok”
all those files are on my hdd.
who can hep me.



May be the file was encoded as a Quicktime MOV file, which is a standard video codec. It sounds like you do not have the codecs installed and might be trying to play back the video in a window’s native media player.

Please try to download and install the Quicktime player from Apple to have the codecs installed. Similarly, if you open the file in a video editing program, it should play fine.

Hope will help you.


It’s playing in Windows, but not in adobe premiere and after effects

This is a HUGE problem. Adobe no longer supports the old .MOV format. Thousands of After Effects templates on Envato are now defective.

Conversion is possible using a tool like Handbreak, but few Envato customers will know how to modify their templates.