*.mov don't work in after effects and premiere

I just buy some effect from envato and i can’t import the *.mov files. Who can help me.
I can play the *.mov in windows but not in premiere and after effect.

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You can use VLC or QuickTime Video player for your downloaded player hope will open file well.


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in Windows it’s playing but, i can not imported in after effects and premiere? What is my problem?

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Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.

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For the fast solution convert the .mov video to mp4 with the highest resolution. And you have to check the latest news here regarding the QuickTime codecs support as recently Adobe has dropped support for QuickTime 7 era formats and codecs


What is the codec used for the QuickTime video?

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You may need to install Quicktime, depending on the After Effects version you use. Some newer After Effects versions dropped support for some Quicktime Codecs like Jpeg2000, that may be the reason as well. If that is the case, you will have to reencode the mov or ask the author to do it.


Hi, please help, I need to contact author 333pix . My .mov file, the template that he create, is still not working even after installing quickplayer. I badly need this template.

Please help how can I get in touch with my author?

Thank you.

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If you go to his profile page. You can see a message box on the right bottom side. You can ask author your questions and doubts. It will directly reach the author mail. And he will reply on it like regular mails

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May I ask how can I go to his profile page? When I click his name, it only goes to all the templates that he made.

Thanks for the immediate response.

Click on the author userpic to go to the profile page, and you will see message form below in the right side of your screen