Motors Theme - Plugin Creating - Images not showing up

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a plugin for a while where I use an API to retrieve advertisement data from a car dealer site that I want to display on our homepage.

I don’t want to store the images under Media on the server but only the URLs to the images.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the images to display on the listings page or on the advertisements page.

In my custom post type I have already used all possible tags, such as featured image, thumbnail, images etc. But the images simply do not appear.

Does anyone know why I can’t display the images?

Saving the URLs in the database is not the problem, but simply displaying the images is the problem.

Neither the thumbnail appears in the listings tab in the dashboard, nor do the images appear on the listings page.

I am grateful for any help.

If you’re looking for paid support, I’m available, otherwise you’d either need to figure it out by yourself. Although you may contact the item author for the free support.