Motors Theme - Plugin Conflicts & Editing

Currently using the Motors theme in Wordpress. I am not a professional, let me make that clear. I know enough to make basic changes, but have run into a problem I cannot seem to manage. The only way I’m able to save edits to my site is if I disable the “Motors - Classified Listing” plugin. This in turn disables all the inventory functionality on my site, so I’m unable to actually edit individual listings since that particular plugin is disabled. It seems to the be the only plugin that, when disabled, allows edits to be made on other pages.

So, my current process to edit the site is to disable the Classified Listing plugin I mentioned above, make my edits, publish, then enable the plugin again. Of course, as I’m making the changes the inventory on the site is unavailable, so obviously not an ideal process.

Anyone else run into issues like this, and if so, how did you go about fixing?

You have no buyer badge - you need to login using the account which purchased the item and ask the author

Assuming this is the right theme then support info is

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A freelancer originally did site for us, and I’m sure the license info was under his login. We no longer work with that individual. I’ve searched the forums, and the only remedies I can find are to disable/enable plugins until you figure which one is creating the conflict. Problem is that’s a required theme plugin creating the problem!

Unfortunately, without the purchase codes etc the author is unlikely to help esp. if the purchase was a while back.

It sounds like it may be a case of updating WP, the theme etc. but again you would need access to the purchase account to download the latest copy and even then it’s impossible to say if that would fix it.

You could look on for a freelancer to take a look for you.

Thanks, everything is 100% updated from WP version, to theme, to plugins.