Motion Template not recognised in Final Cut Pro X

I’ve just bought and downloaded a text Motion Template from this site and I can’t work out how to install it into Final Cut Pro X.
First off, I’m not sure which folder to install from the unzipped folder.
I tried accessing the correct Templates folder first via right-clicking on FCPX in the Applications folder and onwards from there through Motion Effects and Resources. Then I dropped what I thought was the right folder into the Titles folder. After quitting and restarting FCPX there was nothing added to the left panel, so I tried to put the folder in the Generators file instead but that didn’t work.
I looked on a forum and someone suggested accessing the folders via Movies/Motion Templates but there were no Text or Generators folders there like I was told there should be. After more research, I was told to create those folders and give them the extension .localized and drop the bought folder in one of those. This didn’t work either.
It’s the first time I’ve tried to install any effects so am I missing something obvious?
Thanks in advance for your help. I’m no expert so you might have to assume I know nothing and explain more than usual.

The best thing to do in this situation is to contact the author of the item you bought.
How to contact the author:

Thanks for that, I already did that but have had no reply so far.
Any idea what kind of file extension the title effects should be? There are gif files of each effect in a folder called Assets but the master folder for that is Previews so I’m guessing they’re not the ones I’m looking for. The only file in the folder Glitch Titles (that’s the name of the effects) is an exec file. If that isn’t the effects then I think they’re missing and I’ve bought a dud.

Only the author knows how his project works. Unfortunately, no one except the author knows what is inside the project. You can wait for the author to answer you, or request a refund

Thanks I’ll give him a little time to respond first.