Motion Graphics Studio setup Checklist :)


Hi there Friends,

Iam an videohive author for over 4 years. But Besides I work for regional , national and Most of International channels. Iam working as an Individual yet know.
But I Do most of Motion graphics for broadcast and also for some corporate companies. When I get time I do Templates in videohive.

But I Decided to start My own Motion Graphics Studio.

My question is what is the to do checklist for a Motion Graphics Studio Setup ?

Plz share your Ideas And Advices with me so it can help me ? and also for those who are willing to do it in future :smile:


Currently looking to assemble a team to start my own studio as well. I suppose at the end of the day what’s most important is your team. Gonna collaborate with a couple of people at first to get a feel for it, then if things go well we can always just rent a place and actually start the studio.

Would also love to hear more opinions on this subject!!


well that was in my mind but in India Mostly people come to work after making a setup only not before that :slight_smile:
good point thanks I Got your point



any one have any advices Please :smile:


Contacts, I guess. As a company, you’re going to need a bigger kind of client with a bigger kind of budget. You need to court those clients and convince them that you’re the right studio for the job.


thanks felt tips Iam already into freelance for several years. And I have Some regular clients who are offering Big works
And even they are advice me start my own company. So I had several Contacts already.

I will surely try To get Clients with BIG BUDGET and convince them.