MOT - Minimalist Portfolio Template install on wordpress

I need help uploading " MOT - Minimalist Portfolio Template" theme in wordpress. I’ve unzip it but still having a problem. This is this the message that am getting “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Make sure you have purchased WordPress theme

Yes I have purchased

That’s not a WordPress theme, you can’t install it on WordPress.

It even explicitly states This item is NOT a WordPress Theme right at the top of the item description.

Ooh really? what is it then and how can i use it?

It is a HTML template, you will need the knowledge of HTML language to use it.

Am not very much familiar with HTML, there is no other way that i can use it?

Sure, you can hire someone who knows HTML and can set it up for you, for example at


Thanks guys for helping