Most sellable AudioJungle items at certain times of the year

Hi guys! Which music items (by categories) are most sellable at certain times of the year?
Obviously, in the New Year holidays most sellable items are New Year’s theme.
So, what items(by category) you sold this months?
This will help us to understand what items are most sellable in a period of the year.
Please be active, cuz any comment will help all us to understand better.

My most sold items in this month are --happy, fun, comedy

Probably holiday / vacation, travel themed tracks sell better in summer? Must be lots of demand for sun drenched sounding music for summer travel themes? Also tracks relating to big events will sell well when those events happen. For example Rio themed tracks and sports tracks in general will be selling well for the Olympics. I heard a best selling AJ sport themed track the other day on a spoof Olympic video by College Humor on Youtube. So my guess is generally big events and holidays will have some effect throughout the year, e.g. horror music might get a spike at Halloween.