Most ridiculous buyer rating ...

A buyer of mine just gave me a 1-star rating, stating the following (this is the FULL length of the rating; nothing has been added or removed):

“if i pay i expect a plugin ready to use, and to use it we need to buy others extensions”

The item s/he bought is an add-on to Visual Composer, which is made clear in the item name itself:

“Google Maps PLUS for Visual Composer

Naturally, that the item requires Visual Composer is also made clear in the item description, as well as the demo site, but I don’t think it can be made any clearer than actually putting it into the items name. The plugin is also appropriately listed under the “Add-ons” category in CodeCanyon itself.

Because the item does not require any so-called “extensions”, I can only assume the buyers issue is the requirement for Visual Composer.

But do we authors now really have to accept ratings like that, simply because a buyer is either unable, or unwilling to actually read, what s/he is buying? How more can an author make it clear to buyers, that an item is requiring another item to work?

Of course, I submitted a support request to Envato, asking for the rating to be removed, but knowing how things usually go, I kind of think I know already how this request will end up being decided by Envato. :frowning:

Really sad:(((
Hope Envato team will delete this rating!

Well, as expected, Envato refused to remove the rating, because it is supposedly a “valid buyer experience”

Thanks for getting in touch. This is ***** from Envato Help with an answer to your request.

We’ve been a little busier and things have gotten slightly behind. We’re working hard to clear the backlog and I just wanted to apologize for any tardiness in our response.

I have gone ahead and looked over the review/rating provided by your buyer and believe the feedback to be relevant to the buyer’s experience and within our community guidelines. I’m sorry, but I cannot remove your rating for these two reasons.

Naturally, I disputed that reply immediately, and the story continues.

The buyer had absolutely no complaint about the item itself, its features, or my support … the only complaint was that the item requires Visual Composer. But as the item is an official addon for Visual Composer, which is made clear even in the item name, not to mention the description, this should not have been a surprise for the buyer.

But apparently, authors are now also liable for buyers that don’t want to even read the item name correctly, which is utterly ridiculous. This is basically the same as me going out to buy a new car radio and then turn around and complain that I actually need a car to use it.

Well, Envato likes to stick with its canned replies, that don’t relate at all to the issue at hand. Here is the latest reply:

We want reviews and ratings to be valuable and have integrity overall and although it can be frustrating to hear someone’s review when you don’t agree or even believe it’s unreasonable or false, it’s important to ‘take the good with the bad’.
We ourselves ask for feedback about our products and service in different ways and on a regular basis and go through this same process ourselves, so we understand your frustration 100%. As long as the comment is within our Community guidelines (, they should remain.
I can understand that this may not be the answer that you were looking for and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with us on this new feature for our Authors, and apologize for the issues this may cause you. Changes may come, so this may not stay like this forever — and with feedback from authors like yourself, that process can happen!Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Again, I will not accept that buyers are allowed to provide low ratings simply because an item is an addon and requires another item to work, particularly if that fact is made clear so abundantly, that the only way of not knowing would be if someone is legally blind or illiterate, but then, how did s/he purchase the item in the first place?

The rating in question had no complaint about the items features, any found bugs, the level/quaility of my support. etc. The only complaint is that the buyer needs Visual Composer to use the item. Is it only me, or is this utterly ridiculous?

@matthewcoxy can you please confirm this is real? A rating like this sticks? :expressionless:
It’s absurd that the help team gave such reason if your item title is what it is :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Yes, so far, Envato insists that this rating has “integrity” and is a “valid buyer experience”, although all I received were really canned replies and standard excuses.

I got the support person (Level 2 Help Officer) to at least escalate the ticket to a supervisor, but have not heard back yet.

Yes i van comfirm that support is just terible in this questions. I send tons of proofs of extortions via our support with ratings and got the se respons. Only rating that was removed was the one when someone just wrote surprise and gave 1 star.

This has to change.

Hey folks, I’m going to chase this one up to learn a little more about the decision. @Tekanewa, do you reckon you could DM me the ticket number?

I can happily report that Envato removed the rating in question. This is the first time ever that I succeeded to get a bad rating removed, and I never made much fuzz over them before, but this particular rating irked me especially. :slight_smile:

Speakng of strange reviews, any way you can assist with the removal of a rating where the user was actually rating Visual Composer (the user actually names it in the review multiple times). Support told me the usual, customer experience etc.

This happened a while ago, just gave up on it then. Would be great to have it removed though.

such a shame that they folks ‘dealing’ with this originally lacked the competency to act on their own here, rather than having to have uncle @matthewcoxy come and slap them on the wrist

Please continue to use the support ticket system to report ratings. These are essential for keeping statistics for the staff and to better improve the system in the future. Cheers guys! :slight_smile: