Most of the feedback seems fake? Should I trust this script?

Hi, I need a LMS (Learning Management Script) script, I found RocketLMS but reviews are looks fake (same comments posted by different people etc.) is there anyone using RocketLMS, should i trust them? If i trust them i need customizations on script how should i pay?



It seems fairly legit - the author replies very quickly to comments etc.

If it were me, I would focus attention on using learn dash - they are big, well established, not going to potentially stop supporting or updating their product, and highly scalable.

If you do get customisation done to an item only organise it via otherwise envato will not be able to protect you from scams

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Also, worth mentioning, Envato doesn’t have a way to “buy reviews”, only by self purchasing, which is severely frowned upon and authors can get disabled for this.

There are authors here, a lot actually, that earn their bread and butter from the marketplaces, and take customer satisfaction as a top priority! (myself included)

Therefore, good reviews in these situations only reflect the quality of the authors product and support! No need to worry! This is not an Amazon / Ebay type situation!

Cheers! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2: