Most embarrassing comment i ever read :)


I just looked today at my new comments on Youtube, where i sell my sound effects and read a really funny comment :smile:
’‘Really? 1$ each? Worst deal ever, rather search more to find free ones then giving money whores like you my money. bet you found them online and took credits to you’’

I laughed so hard after i read this comment XD
There are still ignorant people out there.

I understand if someone only want using it for a school project but beeing mean like this is really embarrassing

just wanted to share this with you guys :slight_smile:


Lol, a dollar is nothing, and you end up with $0.33 after AudioJungle gets through with you, lol.


Priceless :slight_smile: Or should I say dolla!


Probably is a kid or a teen that thinks the songs [or any other media material] grow in trees. Lol


Well that’s sad. Guess some people don’t understand the work we put in to make this stuff :slight_smile:


Atleast we understand each other :wink: