Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



Hi, I would like to nominate my track Sweet and beautiful track with a nice touching warm sound and melody on piano and strings.

An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling track by pinkzebra. Very romantic, lively and inspiring track. I really like it.

#153 It’s my item, because it generate only warm and bright feelings. This is mix of romantic and mysterious mood. This son i like very mach. It like love story, ore movies with bright and positive moments.


Good romantic track with nice piano sound! I love it! :slight_smile:

Accordion and France mood! :slight_smile: Love story on the first page! All instruments are recorded live and that´s why i love it! :slight_smile:


read the rules !!!

  1. by gladkovs - Like this track! Perfect for wedding slideshow, love story, movies, cinema and other bright and positive media projects.

  2. by HitsLab - Our new track. Beautiful, emotional, romantic. Perfect for wedding, romantic projects.


One of our item. It looks like sunrise, fresh of beginning something new. Spring sharm and Hope all be ok.

This track create a magic relaxing effect, very melodic and sharm. Good for romantic mood.


“Love” by SunChannelMusic - Nice, slow, romantic fingerpicked guitars that harmoniously work together…kinda like two people in love! I think the vibe is very serene, warm, and peaceful and resonates with feelings of love. I also wrote this for my ex-gf many years ago, so this piece did come from a genuine place?
“Soft Emotional Piano Cinematic” by @Leon_Felekyan - I think this is very pretty, simple piano piece that captures the feeling of intimacy and love. I really dig how soft the piano is and how gentle the strings are at the end, both of which give a nice tenderness and vulnerability to the whole thing. Just like love <3


Run For The Dream by CustomMelody - simlpe and gentle folk track with vivid acoustic guitars, warm harmonics and memorable acoustic guitar melodies. This track creates lovely and peaceful mood and will be perfect as background for romantic videos with kissing, hand holding and gentle smiling scenes.
Piano Inspiration by StudioMonkey - amazing cinematic track with gentle, warm, up and down (as love) piano and incredible emotional string section. Its elegant sound and structure create romantic and sentimental atmosphere. This track is a perfect solution for romantic videos.


Who Is This is a beautiful ballad that was written in collaboration with an amazing artist Amanda Jane. Captivating, romantic and just that little bit quirky!

Love Song, a relatively new track by audio jungle legend Tim McMorris. A powerful love song that I’m sure any woman would be thrilled to have sung to them:)


I like this track. This is a simple but an elegance piece of music with a beautiful and delicate piano. Listening to this track I want to fall in love again

I chose this song for an unusual harmony and sound, romantic songs are basically similar, but this track you are immediately distinguishable from others.


Here is one of my own items, a new one and a romantic piece.
Very simple, very straight forward and that works best on this market… Smooth piano combined with cinematic soft strings… somewhat catchy melody but subtle.

And here is my second nominee, created by @Sky-Productions a beautiful, simple and subtle piano piece which just oozes class and moodyness (is that even a word?)

Good luck to all!


Hi, there! :sunglasses:

Sunrise by EmanMusic - It is a perfect romantic music that you can have for your loved one. There are many positive feeling that can be found in this track.

Acoustic Ballad by Alexborg - It is a romantic classic love track that can increase the memory of all people listening to this track. This track is memorable because it has beautiful melody.


I believe the sax is also a good instrument for romantic ballad (thinking at '80 when I was a teen). This is well played and well written for a romantic mood. Well done!

Well, this one of mine has been made for my daughter’s birth thus I put in all the love I could :smiley:


Hey there.

This one has some energy but definitely is romantic. Emotive melody and It builds up nicely just like the perfect relationship :wink:

I love all of Seastocksaudios work but this one is particularly beautiful and romantic. I can imagine it working in some kind of romantic film. It also makes me picture beautiful places / scenery in my mind.


The first one I find romanic and beautiful is

It has a simple and steady beginning, then building up the atmosphere slowly, gradually opening to a subtle yet warm and positive ambience. I feel a sense of long lasting happiness and joy in a relationship. Nice work!

The second nice Valentine’s day music is

A lovingly warm piece of music, creating an ambience so gentle and calm, like a couple so much in love. It serves very well as background music for love theme projects too.


I would like to nominate these two tracks: by gvsmusichouse. Perfect minimalistic intro which develops further and is supported by strings. Really great orchestra sound and structure which is easy to work with. by PaBlikMM. Simple piano melody which is good for media. Sounds a bit sad but not all love stories are happy, right? Some video projects need this track.


Thanks, mate! :slight_smile:


Hi there. These are the best 2 pieces for weddings or romantic projects: by AShamaluev - Soft, touching and clean romantic piece. Great for videos where tenderness and beauty are main objects. - by Twisterium - Beautiful romantic pop track with piano arpeggios, soft drums and more intensive culmination. Great for any wedding video, romantic show or even documentary.


Whenever I think of a romantic sentimental song I think of a “just a” piano melody; maybe because less is more and the sound of the piano is so heartfelt and delicate. So I will nominate for this campaign the following:

  1. Love Piano by nkond. The song is beautiful and touching as if it tells a story by itself; one can only imagine a beautiful love story happening on this soundtrack with its unforgettable moments.

  2. Amedeea’s Piano by -MARiAN-. An intimate,touching, hopeful piano melody that transmits delicate and sensible emotions. The story here could be about love, hope or dreams as it has a melancholic touch at times but the overall feeling is hopeful; a perfect track for delicate hearts.


Love this tune! It is beautiful and tender. Piano sounds naturally and warm

Here is mine. I just tried to write good melody :slight_smile: :