Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day


  1. by @pinkzebra
    This is very great romantic item with perfect piano theme and very cool “hollywood” harmony. As for me it’s amazing for any romantic scene, love story or any other romantic video. :love_letter:

  2. by @LuckyBlackCat
    Inspiring orchestral romantic track that contain piano and orchestra. This music item can be perfect for any movie, cinematic project, romantic slideshow or advertising. There are 3 versions of different lenght and arrangement, suitable for different projects. :revolving_hearts:


Hi people!
1 . Very emotional music author @pinkzebra, perfect for Valentine’s Day

And I want to introduce the track @ORANGE_PRODUCTION


Thank you so much for choosing my track! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile::+1:


Hello, people! My choice:
by @LittlePurpleTurtle

Reelly beautiful and romantic music. Exciting and fairy. I like it sooo much.

by @Dirtyflint

Just a pretty piano music.:slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Here’s my choice:

  1. by @SupremeTouchStudio

I really like the sound and the feel of this track. The theme is beautiful and it reminds me of pure, unconditional love. The song builds up in a great way and I can imagine this track working great with all sorts of romantic projects.

  1. by @Dumaux_Ser

This is my track and probably my favorite from all of the tracks in my portfolio. It’s very gentle and intimate. I feel it could tell the story of current romance as well as the story of cherished romantic memories. Because of the sentimental nature of the track, I think it can work well with large number of romantic projects.

  1. Inspiring piano
    This is my favourite track, inspiring theme for piano and strings

  2. Delia’s theme
    This theme for piano solo is very emotional, romantic and delicate

Calm, slow and full of emotion piece just with piano and strings.

For the Valentine’s day it would be a nice alternative to an emotional waltz.


Thanks a lot, mate! Just Valentine’s Day - amazing work !Goodluck with sales! The Best RegardsZigro

09.01.2017, 23:56, “LuckyBlackCat” <>:


January 9

Thank you so much for choosing my track! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile::+1:

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January 7You could never guess How much happiness You’ve brought my way Happy Valentine’s Day !

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I like this beautiful and romantic magical track by @AudioPizza . In my opinion It’s one of the best soundtracks for wedding video

And my work for romantic projects. I tried to make tender and emotional piano melody featuring inspiring orchestra.


Super lovely tracks! :four_leaf_clover:


Beautiful and emotional track by @pinkzebra. Very light and easy track, with a good melody and romantic mood. Perfect for any wedding projects .

My romantic track about beautiful memories. Acoustic guitar, sweet piano and nice melody. Perfect for slideshows and wedding.


I like the track “Love Story” by allvibes because of its sweet romantic mood. It also has a nice french flavour.

I like the track “Wedding” by AudioPizza because it has a very touching melody and positive vibes. I also like the emotional climax in this track.


Pleasant atmospheric track with a catchy melody. He is versatile and suitable for Valentine’s Day as well for a variety of other special occasions such as weddings or Christmas.
This track I like because of its simplicity and unobtrusive, a warm atmosphere and a feeling of light-heartedness and the flight. It is perfect for background music. Quiet, peaceful and romantic, what could be better for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, only the “LOVE” and “PERFECTION”.
Anyone who clicks “LIKE” is undoubtedly meet his :cupid:Perfect Love :cupid: in this Valentine’s Day. JOKE!!! :grin: But who knows :smirk:… maybe this magic work that way… :smirk:


Wedding Day Reflections by Total Thrive sparse, delicate and beautiful.
Love by Loftymusic which is also sparse delicate and beautiful


Bright cinematic emotive track for many of your project.

Warm acoustic track with calm and soft mood. Acoustic guitars, strings, claps, tambourine and groovy beat in the mix.


Hi all, here my list:

Sentimental Advertising by: mr_B_Music_Studio

I like this song. A beautifull track with a nice touching warm sound and melodie on piano and smooth violins. Its romantic sentimental, beautifull dreamy and delicate. In my oppinion this song suits perfect in all kind of romantic videos.

Sensitive Harp and Guitarstrings by BluePyramidAudio:

A sensitive song with harp, piano and guitars. Starting with a gentle harp layerd with soft piano. The song is building up in 3 phases with more guitars, doubled and expanded melodie layers.


My really cool track:

Romantic ballad with sax and piano solo in Kenny G mood.

Another thack:

This tracks is from another category of romantic music. It’s not a calssic cinematic piano track, but it has a more dynamic feeling cause of it’s indie rock style. In this track you can hear catchy and memorable electric guitar melodies, and beautiful, romantic strings that bring nostalgic and dreamy mood to the music. I think it might be useful for different types of media associated with Valentine’s Day. Especcialy for travellng videos and slideshows of family and wedding shots.

I think this music has in itself all the hues of romance. from enthusiasm to quiet tranquility.
Замечательный образец романтизма и торжества света. Прекрасная музыка…


###Here are my nominations:

  1. Bright Shining Love Upbeat Pop by pinkzebra: Simple, creative and lovely perfect for a happy day with your lovely Valentine :slight_smile: .

  2. Inspirational Piano by rocamusic: Is a beautiful and inspirational piano romantic song for use in new relationships :slight_smile:


A sweet and romantic song that will touch the most common human being’s heart with its loving simple message. This gentle acoustic song will be an inspiration on a Valentines Day.

Emotional and tender, this track is based on a warm and wistful mellow Piano and a delicate expressive Cello coupled by a soaring String Section. Romantic and nostalgic, longing and evoking true love, this cinematic composition was inspired by a beautiful smile on priceless moments and dearly held memories.