Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



• 1. “Piano Emotion” @GentleJammers

Beatiful, uplifting, and intense soundtrack. This cinematic emotional track is featured piano, strings, acoustic guitar.

• 2. “Soft Piano” @audioinspiration
Inspiring classical piano track. “Soft Piano” is perfect as background music for sentimental media project and more.

    I obviously like the romantic mood of this track. But the sound of the mix too!
    Alex, they are pretty cool “air” and “breathing” in your strings :slight_smile:

    I would also nominate this track of my playlist because of the feeling of lightness in it.
    And because i am in love with the sound of this vst piano !


Hello!!:grinning: These are my favorites!!!:heart_eyes:

  1. Very sensual and beautiful composition Emotional trailer (magicmusicstudio). Inspires you to make amazing things.

  2. Romantic (soundpower) creates gentle sensual image. Easy to guess the line of love.:heart: A romantic mood is present, and is transmitted from the first note.


Hi guys!
Romantic beautiful track with my voice in reggae style for valentine video, holiday and celebratory events. This track can be used in wedding photo and video slideshows, presentations, games and movies.

by @plastic3

Happy audio in american country style. Joke, just for laugh. I’m also singing in this beautiful song a little bit:) Have a nice Valentine”s day!

by @Dirtyflint

Good luck to all!


This is classic cinametic/romantic track with beautiful piano and strings. Lite, calm and emotional melody creates wonderful atmosphere that associates with pleasant memories and love. So, it might be a good choice for Valentine’s Day slideshow videos, advertising, and even for love confessions and proposals)

This tracks is from another category of romantic music. It’s not a calssic cinematic piano track, but it has a more dynamic feeling cause of it’s indie rock style. In this track you can hear catchy and memorable electric guitar melodies, and beautiful, romantic strings that bring nostalgic and dreamy mood to the music. I think it might be useful for different types of media associated with Valentine’s Day. Especcialy for travellng videos and slideshows of family and wedding shots.

You can hear this music in action in the video below

PS. I don’t know if I can post such types of videos here. Please delete it if needed.


Here’s my take:

The descending scale and the way it goes back up is something I’m pretty proud of :relaxed:
It’s romantic, but there’s also an underlying sentiment of yearning that makes it pretty unique.

Another one from Sky Productions:

…cause I like pretty much everything from him, and the subtle build-up is brilliant (let alone the gorgeous piano sound).

Good luck everybody!!!


Here we have “Love” by @BeardMusicStock. This track is constantly evolving and has beautiful melodies and instrumentations. Piano, strings, and the classical guitar for the lead. Truly emotional and sentimental.

Here is “Romantic Beat” by myself, I really like it because it’s got the smoothness of R&B and a kind of dirty hip-hop beat, pairing with romantic strings. It sets a sensual mood, oh and did I mention? It has panting in it, how sexy isn’t that?!


Hi all,

Here are my 2 recommendations for Romantic tracks:

  1. Romantic by Blackzebra
    This track features a great piano sound. The string parts are a perfect companion.
    The solo Cello part is what really takes this track to the next level.

  2. Emotional Chill by Augusto (me, surprisingly)
    With simple instrumentation, this instrumental delivers an instant romantic vibe that evokes the feeling of “longing”.
    The item comes with three arrangements, which is always a plus.

Thanks & have a nice Valentine’s Day.



Remarkable and very pleasant composition for my soul and I think for souls of many people! by @Yuar

And also I want to present the romantic composition by @AndreyMordovskiy:smirk:
All the many thanks for listening and attention! All of good luck and good, colleagues!:innocent::relaxed:


This is a very positive and cute music. Soprano saxophone - the most suitable choice of Valentine’s Day!

Magic Flute and beautiful acoustic guitar create a perfect duet. Real magic, romantic melody, exquisite performance!


Hello @VividSongs! :raised_hand: Thank you so much for choosing my music! Appreciate it! :slight_smile: Best wishes! :wink:


“That Kind Of Love” by Vizion-Studios:

“A Beautiful Memory” by JB:



Hi, @scottwills.

  1. Piano by Jake from Audiophile-Trax (congrats on 10,000 total sales, btw!). It’s really just a simple melody that has one of the most beautiful piano melodies in the jungle. That D down to the F# just gets me every time. :wink:

  2. With Romance by yours truly. That slide on the acoustic guitar I think is really romantic. Much of the romantic/beautiful music on AJ is piano-led (mine included), so this is a nice deviation, I think. It also includes a version without the lead guitar.




Well… 7842 people bought it, so it have to be good, wright?

This one is mine and post it only because I could use some exposure. But isn’t it why we all here?:slight_smile:


hi Envato people!
so that’s two tracks from my side:

1 - Emotional Piano by ME, Keso :wink: I like this track because its simple and feels differently depends on what you use it for. It sounds a bit sad or dramatic at start but then goes up into a deep and warm feelings.
2 - Feels Like a Wedding Day track by the great pinkzebra. I just couldn’t ignore this beautiful vocal. so if you want to share your feelings with the lady of your life - use this one. Its adorable and her heart will melt down for sure :couple_with_heart:
hope you like this tracks. cheers :v:


Hello everybody,

So, here are my two choices :

    from @simonstevens
    The mix beetween the piano and strings is perfect. Very emotional.
    from…me !
    I love the simplicity of the melody. Only a piano. And a lot of tenderness here :couple_with_heart:



Hi there, let’s go!

  1. by @OlexandrIgnatov. Top piano track. Great playing melody with beautiful strings. Very emotional
  2. by @ArtMaks. Excellent for storytelling one love story with happy end. Romantic mood
    Goo luck to all entries =)


Hello everybody=)

  1. Sentimental Mood by Ioanna_Elliot . Very beautiful piano, I liked this track, great playing melody, very emotional
  2. Romantic by PadnaSound . I like this track, I think it sends a pleasant romantic atmosphere :slight_smile:

  1. Wedding by @AudioPizza:
    This track is simply beautiful. It moves you right from the start. Great piano play with silky strings. I’m sure you’ll melt away hearing it. Love each other! Peace!

  2. I Believe in You by @IDLaunchMusic:
    This track starts small. Sweet and fragile with only the piano. Just like love at its first moments. Getting more power and movement, reflecting the grow of love between two people. Love! Peace! Believe in each other!



  1. Thoughtful and Inspiring Piano with Orchestra by Pinkzebra:

Why not follow the example of the masters of their craft? Making the track I followed this rule + adding my vision)

2.Spring is here by fullsonic:

Something like this … Good luck to all the musicians in the new year! And not musicians too!:family_man_woman_girl_boy: