Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day


  1. Romantic and touching melody. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, romantic videos and sentimental movies.
  2. Beautiful and inspiring music.It gives a romantic, gentle mood of your projects, presentations and videos.


I really love this work from @Nuclearmetal , it’s beautiful and calm, simple emotional piano music always works great with romantic videos. Check it!

This track I really love because of it’s lite rock inspiring mood, and as for me it’s sounds really beautiful and romantic. Was used in Hollywood’s Daddy’s Home movie, by the way.


I choose this track, because Love is a mystery, magic for everyone who felt it. Not always happy, but always bright.

And that, because Love is a youth, madness and passion.

  1. Inspiring Piano Mood @OlexandrIgnatov

It’s light, beautiful, touching and really minimalistic and simple track. Can be successfully used as a full soundtrack or as a background for a voice over.

  1. Inspirational Piano @VladProduction

This is very inspiring and sensitive piece of music performed by piano and strings section. The beautiful, tender and hopeful track can highlight dreamy and passionate mood of your love videos.


Hello everybody! I really liked the song, which is written by Delevine.
The title is “Accordion Tango”. Very romantic, lively and sensual track. I really like it. Advise to listen to! Audiojungle Link: I hope you like it too.:christmas_tree::heart::yellow_heart::green_heart:



Here are my favourite ones! :wink:


My choice №1:
Nice, cute and beautiful music. Very delicate and gentle piano, a fine example of the lyric genre.

My choice №2:
Romantic music with a rich range of emotions. In it there is sadness, sadness, joy and love.


Inspired by ALEX_BESSS

I like this track! Very romantic and sentimental melody, gives bright and positive emotions to you!:revolving_hearts:

Sad Piano by polar_bear

This track was created by me. It adds melancholic and nostalgic feelings, sadness and loneliness. But it is good for memory videos or videos about broken love :broken_heart:


I picked these 2 tracks.

First one is my own with nicely produced piano lines for romantic moments with dubstep beats :slight_smile:

Second one is produced by my friend - I really enjoyed this one


Here’s the first beautiful romantic song:

Very beautiful acoustic guitar, gentle pearly sound. A really romantic music that will melt the coldest heart.

Another very beautiful and touching music:

Melody, which reveals the soul towards all that is good and bright. Listening to this music, you become purer, kinder, a little closer to God and to heaven.


This is the most sentimental track that I heard. Perfect for lovestory: In the Moment of Inspiration
One day, he inspired me to write this song. This cinematic track perfect for a beautiful and romantic movie on the Valentine’s Day. Thank you, @pinkzebra :slight_smile:
Beautiful Piano


A simple yet emotional piano piece of mine. I’ve always envisioned it working well with Wedding or Valentine’s Day slideshows, for example. It captures the romantic mood by using the piano to convey emotions of love, longing and remembrance.

A lovely solo piano piece by @DavidYAN with multiple versions included. The use of piano, appropriate tempo and memorable melody makes it very well suited for romantic moods and Valentine’s Day.


Beautiful piano and emotional orchestral track. Mood: reflection, romance, sentiment, good days, for the soul, for the heart, touching, solemn, tender, encouraging, feelings of joy, advertisements, films, television, beautiful and emotionally, christmas, elegant, inspirational experience, motion design, after effects template, videohive projects, infographic, marketing, medicine, family, children, happy, interesting, positive, epic, life and travel, school and college work, holiday,vacation videos and YouTube videos. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Elegant and inspiring emotional acoustic guitar and piano track with wedding mood. This minimal and peaceful melody sounds dreamy and magical. Tender folk acoustic guitar, soulful violin and gentle piano creates beautiful soft relaxing song. Sentimental and sensitive background music is real enjoyment for your romantic project. Inspirational, simple and elegant instrumental music with warm delicate and nostalgic feelings.



Beautiful romantic music


Hi everyone!
That is the most the most beautiful and romantic music on Audiojungle!!!:slight_smile::heart:

  1. Inspiring Piano by @JDMusic.
    This is my favourite track from Romantic, Sentimental category. I love the chord progression and mood of this track. It’s just wonderful and magical.

  2. First Love by @MediaTune.
    I love this track, because it has beautiful, romantic and upbeat mood.


Hello everyone! :fireworks:
Here’s another sexy and nostalgic track by EightiesNights. :boom:
I love this track, and i hope you will enjoy! :love_letter:


Cello, piano and violin with a hearthwarming theme always work for Valentine’s day and romance!

check also this one:

i liked the piano mood with strings, and i see the melody very well along with a romance slideshow!