Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day


  1. Romantic Cinematic Piano by Soundsea
    Awesome romantic composition
  2. Emotional Piano by 37roommusic
    Wonderful neoclassic piano

  1. Beautiful cinematic track “Love-Story” by Andrew_G. Perfect for a romantic mood! Bright and clean!
  2. Really inspiring music “Perfect Wedding” by olivertangen! There is a depth of feeling, touching tenderness!


Hello everybody!

  1. I want to nominate a nice inspirational track with really romantic mood by @WolfSound Cinematic Inspiration
    This is very expressive inspiring track, sofly rolling to triumph, awaking your projects with uplifting and joyful emotions
  2. And this is my track: Memories (3 versions) This is a very romantic and lush track with gentle developing piano line, airy background strings. Blending instruments that make this song perfect for Love videos, weddings and suitable for all Valentines videos! All it will bring you project for the rooftop!


Music Track by @AShamaluev

“Romantic Piano and Strings” - is very beautiful, touching, calm, warm and gentle. The track has several versions and makes this flexible track to different projects. This track perfectly conveys tenderness, love and warmth. This track is perfect for romantic scenes, sentimental video, a film about love and more.

Music Track by @Twisterium

"Beautiful Piano" - very beautiful, inspiring, romantic, emotional music track. The track has several versions and makes this flexible track to different projects. This track perfect for films,documentaries, podcasts, slideshow, inspirational videos, love story and more.


Hello everyone!

  • An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally track:

Inspiring Piano by RoGAleXproduction

  • This is one of my favorite tracks. An emotional piano with the orchestra strings and acoustic guitar plays the sentimental and encouraging soundtrack.

Hope by Altuhov

I hope you enjoy!



“Love Is In The Air” is a Positive ,sweet little melody for a nice and sweet ads,commercials,podcasts,perfect for a corporate use, montage videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations and more.

Birth, blooming, new day comming, sunsets and plant growing cant be without this calm, innocent music. Very emotional, stunning and peaceful !


As it is written in the description:“Tug on the heartstrings and perhaps even bring a tear to your audience’s eye with this moving, sentimental piano and strings track. It’s delicate and full of maternal love and with the right visuals will even accentuate pain, heartbreak and loss”,it is a bit sad but yet positive and beautiful in the same time…


“A heartfelt, inspiring and beautiful piano piece perfect for creating an emotional atmosphere in your productions"
and this
"The mood of the track is emotional, sad, tender, heartfelt, hopeful, quiet, sombre, soft, mellow, calm, reflective, dreamy, happy, inspiring and proud” says it all :slight_smile:


In my opinion this romantic work in a classic style, very emotional and exciting, very free and easy. Noticeable that the work performed in the same breath in a free performance and takes in what is far more romantic memories.

This is my work, which was written under the influence of ancient memories, this is and so called “memories”. This composition is a mixture of piano and orchestra. Quiet intro, smooth development and explosive coda. Ideal for a romantic work projects and productions.



This track full of emotion and devotion. Piano patterns and staccato strings bring the romantic atmosphere.

I think this track most beautiful, romantic and sentimental piece. This is a simple composition but builds feelings of deep love.


Featuring gorgeous male vocals and sync-friendly lyrics, this soft piano-based ballad gradually grows with addition of warm acoustic drums, guitars, and strings (including REAL violins). The themes are very specific to romance, proposals, and weddings - but the word wedding is not used in the song, which helps to broaden the possibilities for usage.

I love the steady motion and consistent mood of this composition. Despite being a fairly simple piano track, the gentle string accompaniment provides just the right amount of variation and uplift, without straying from the underscore feel.


Hey, great idea to prepare media for Valentine’s Day! Here is my selection:

  1. Autumn Wedding by @SwanMusicStudio . This tranquil, peaceful and sentimental musical piece will be a perfect fit for your wedding video and any other romantic & sentimental projects. In this track we used live acoustic guitars, live mandolins, cello, violins, piano and shaker to create such intimate atmosphere.

  2. Acoustic Guitar Upbeat by @Astafyev_Matvey . Fully acoustic track. Acoustic guitars, ukulele, percussions, soft bass, create a warm atmosphere. This track is perfect for a romantic, weddings, nature videos, slide shows.


Memories by @dimadjdocent
Sweet and tender track with romantic spirit and love mood

Romantic Piano and Strings by @AShamaluev
Nice romantic track, great mood.


Wanna to try it)
Sad and sorrowful mood. Ideal for dramatic point in the movie, the loss of a loved one


This track is an successful, romantic, confident, uplifting, motivational background. Ideal for a positive, inspirational, love projects, in particular, travel and cinema.

With it’s playful care-free melody and heart-felt lyrics, Make It Last reminds us what it’s like to have those fluttery love struck feelings.


It’s touching and gentle track that makes feel love inside. I think it’s actually best match for wedding.

And this one is mine. It’s romantic and easy track with tender guitars and soft piano. It will fit great to St. Valentine’s Day as a gift to your beloved.

  1. Be my valentine by @Dirtyflint (with vocals by @musicant and @plastic3)
    Great, funny and very catchy song! This track is perfect for sweet and funny Valentines day videos
  1. Remembering you by @ilovemedia-es
    Sweet, tender, emotional and touching piano waltz. This song inspired by the style of Yann Tiersen in films like Amelie.


I like the solo flute and a part of the track where the solo piano. The track sounds very romantic :heart:

The shiny lovely mood in this track is good for romantic projects

  1. Memories by @WildKittyTunes Smoothing, tender and perfect for wedding videos and montages, love scenes and other romantic videos. Great work.
  2. Falling In love by @AslanMusic Folk acoustic romantic music track, Healing,simple sound meditative phrase of an autumn day played with piano and acoustic guitar.