Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



i like that.
and my track))))


Hello everyone!

My romantic story is told by a calm piano and warm synths.

I like this song. A very peaceful and touchy music with a beautiful guitar solo.


Hi everyone, here are my suggestions

-Audiometry by Flaviocortizo

Driven by piano but blended beautifully with soft loops and reversed sounds that give to this piece that modern, soft, sentimental feel suitable perfectly for images full of love (it also features strings driven the melody specially by the end). The use of some not traditional harmonies give to this piece a fresh feeling.

-Fairytale Love by Musicalsolutions

Cinematic approach of a love story in a fairytale context. This piece starts soft using some orchestral textures and voices. The addition of soft synthesizers give to this cue the freshness needed. By the middle of the piece you feel the big epic triumph of love in a very cinematic approach, and by the end the calm return again where the beautiful female voice is spotlighted.


Hey everybody! Wanna present you 2 compositions of my own choice

  1. This track is written by me. It’s called Christmas Song but in fact it’s very romantic and doesn’t contain Sleigh Bells and other Christmas attributes. You could use this beautiful cello and orchestra melody for your Valentine’s Day productions. Peace love and good happiness stuff :slight_smile:
  1. I’m really proud to present you this work of another author which is pretty cool and successful here on Envanto. Please pay your attention to this work:


And here is my choice:)

I like this one. It is really beautiful and airy. Sounds very cinematic. The piano tells it’s story of love.

And my track. Only two guitars and nothing else. And it is one more beautiful love story.


Here is my choices.

First an beautiful and emotional piano composition by TheJRSoundDesign:

And my sentimental and romantic track played by string orchestra:


Thanks, mate!!! =)


Very beautiful track!Perfect for a romantic video!

And here is my lovely track with a beautiful legato


Romantic duet! The voices are beautiful, the music touches the soul, awesome words of lyrics, great music for the One You Love on Valentine’s Day :wink:

Simple, beautiful, inspiring, emotional song, feeling love and memories… Perfect track for dramatic and romantic moments of your video.


Hello! I’ve got the track which will be perfect in romantic collection. Structure of the track, tender melody, as well as high-quality mixing of piano and strings orchestra create together romantic and sentimental mood. This background music will be perfect for wedding videos, love story, romantic slideshow etc.

This fellow author’s work is nice. A bit different, still it’s worth attention. More movement, lovely piano and orchestra will be good for Valentine’s day.

#267 - great track, good for romantic video projects. - unusual track


Wedding Song is a gentle elegant and emotional piece of music. Perfect for slideshows, inspirational montages and other wedding projects.

Brings to your project the atmosphere of love and tenderness. Suitable for different types of romantic projects, commercials, films, slideshows, anniversary and wedding videos etc.


Hi! My best Valentine’s track :wink:


Hi everyone! here is my choice :slight_smile:

  1. This track expresses romantic love Through backing strings and the many solo performance(clarinet, oboe, violin)
  1. Whenever I listen to this track, I can think of the romantic movie I saw before. :heart_eyes:

Thank you!


Hi, all!
One of my favorite.


I realy like this music by BestTune. Very beautiful atmosphere. It can be used in romatic video, sad video, magic fairytale videos, nostalgic and many more.

And this very beautiful and professional music by StudioKolomna. Inspirational and romantic mood of this music make it perfect for mant types of projects.


well :slight_smile: here are my picks!

Perfect smooth piano accompanied by soft legato strings and rousing percussion. Very gentle and beautiful arrangement that makes this track suitable for everything around valentine’s day ! check it here Inspiring Piano and orchestra

This is IMO a masterpiece from Anton @Synthezx ! Inspiring, emotional, triumphant and Huge composition skills on this track ! Take a look ! Emotional Cinematic


Romantic Proposal
by BDKSonicMusic

The mood is very inspirational, refined and evokes the feelings of romantic Valentine`s evening.

Dream Piano
by codemusic

An inspiring, beautiful and emotional piece of music.Uplifting piano motives, elegant strings, emotional swells and tender, sentimental moments.


Thanks! =)


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