Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



This is my track

and This is another track


This is my track:
Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer from MagicMusicStudio. Very beautiful and inspiring track.

And another one from ALEX_BESSS:

One of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in a long time!

  1. Though this track is called “Winter emotions”, but creates a very warm home-like atmosphere . Perfect as background for a romantic evening together by the fireplace.
  1. This track is romantic by definition :slight_smile: I wrote it especially for my beloved beautiful wife.


Hi everyone! we are Sunshine Studio

  1. This is ours track. Beautiful acoustic track. All instruments live-recorded!!!

  2. Second, it is a track of my colleague:


Hi. I want to show some tracks i like.

  • It’s my own work. Light and bright romantic music track. This work full of love and tenderness

  • It’s a work of a top-author ALEX_BESSS. I like this track because it’s very sentimental and motivating.


Hey. Here are the tracks that I like:


Hi everybody!
I prefer this one

” Inspirational ” is a bright, inspiring, beautiful, motivational and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for advertising, romantic wedding videos, photo slideshows, inspiring videos, optimistic and commercials videos, motivational presentations, Christmas projects, corporate business video, travel videos, social projects, media production, sentimental videos, Love Story, YouTube projects and more!

And this one

“To Be Inspired” is a inspirational, beautiful and emotional music! Ideal for video editing, commercials videos, inspiring projects, inspiring videos, romantic wedding videos, sentimental videos, slideshows, motivational presentations, and more!


Thanks for mentioning, my friend!


Happy Valentine`s Day!

Track 1 - Love
Soft, warm, dreamy, songful, sweet

Track 2 - Peaceful-ambient
The deep and sentimental track


Here is my selection: by @Alex_Besss and @MagicMusicStudio


Here are two great “Beautiful and Romantic” tracks at AJ:

  1. A warm and atmospheric track that instantly creates an intimate musical setting for togetherness, romance, and love. The light, cinematic style piano carries a soft cadence while the dreamy solo cello weaves beauty throughout the moment. This is a wonderful background track for marriage engagements, wedding videos, and anniversary albums.

  2. A perfect track for inspiring hopes and dreams for young couples in love starting a new life together as one. The beautiful piano carries a timeless melody while the orchestral arrangement effectively creates exhilarating transitions and excitement. This is an exceptional background track for wedding albums, anniversary events, and tribute videos.


I reviewed and decided that this track is ideal for video Valentine’s Day, weddings and more
This is my track This track I like the most of my jobs.


Hello everyone! :wink:
My two favorite romantic compositions:

  1. All I Ever Want Is You by @TimMcMorris :
    This track is really great! I like it for simple beauty. Melody, harmony and lyrics are perfectly combined for romantic mood.

  2. Inspiring Romantic by @DSProMusic :
    I tried to create magic of love in this composition. I think I did it very well :blush:


Here are my selections from non-exclusive account:

1 -
by @Plastic3_NE

This is positive lounge short acoustic chill out music with calm mood, which contain acoustic guitar, drums, bells and soft pad…This track can be used anywhere – as a smooth musical background for websites, games, tv or radio jingles, wedding slideshows, advertising and commercial video, etc…

2 -
by @RedDragonMusic

‘Wedding Day’ is a slow, romantic, and tranquil track featuring piano, electric guitar, strings, and bass. It was created with wedding slideshows in mind but can be used for obviously anything that needs a slow, romantic tint to it.

Good luck to all!


Really like this tracks: @ALEX_BESSS @MagicMusicStudio

  1. Wedding

I like romantic mood in this track. Perfect for wedding, love story and valentine day.

  1. Love Story

This track is really gives the feeling of love, perfect depicts those beautiful and treasured moments! Perfect for wedding, love story and valentine day.




This emotional track gives a romantic mood.Good for different video projects.


I really like dynamics, sound design and the atmosphere of this track. Perfect atmosphere for a
romantic video.



I really like this song. Each sound from the very beginning and till the end touches my soul.Love it!
General mood of this song is reflection, good days, bad days, for the soul, for the heart and so on.
Good for different video projects.

To Be Inspired

I love this track made by @ALEX_BESSS

Good track what feeling love and memories. This track is suitable for romantic video intros


Soft and full of tender) Love this track’s!


Hello, envato comunity
I want to share with you two tracks that i like

  1. My track “Romantic”

A little bit unusual track, performed by the rock band. It is a very emotional rock ballad with a beautiful melody.

  1. “To be inspired” by Alex

It is emotional, beautiful, and it sounds really good.