"More than one text-domain is being used" warning by theme check

Hello all,
i am checking my theme by theme check and there is a warning “More than one text-domain is being used”.
Now i have used only one text-domain. but i also have used redux framework to build my theme’s admin panel. they have used a different text domain which is redux-framework. so theme check is raising warnings
My question is that: can i ignore this warning.?is it acceptable on themeforest? as redux-framework is not developed by me.
Or i have to change the code or text domain in the redux framework’s files myself?

You could ignore that warning, reviewers understand it

thanks leafcolor. i hope same rule applies for the plugins i am packaging with my theme

unfortunately my theme is rejected again due to this issue. i don’t know why is reviewer insisting me to install redux framework or any thing which is raising this issue as a plugin.

You need to modify redux to use your text-domain, it should be as easy as going through the files and changing redux to yours or you can use their builder tool to customise your install - https://build.reduxframework.com

All of my themes use 2 or 3 text domains and all of them was accepted, I think they know about this We should now change default text domains in redux, In woocommerce or somewhere else in third party plugins