More than a month on the new track :)

Our new track was Temporarily held for further consideration. In rules envato written - Items that are held are usually resolved within a day or two, but occasionally an item may be held for a longer period (up to 7 days for a particularly complex issue).

@KingDog @BenLeong could you send me a reviewer?

Held items seem to be held a bit longer these days. Several authors have reported longer than usual wait time.
Your item should be reviewed in a few days at most.

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@PurpleFogSound - Thanks for the support! Maybe it has something to do with the end of the month? :thinking:

Hello ! Apparently this time your track is checked very carefully. Have not they checked it yet?

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@CleanMagicAudio - Thanks for the feedback! The track is still not checked :pensive:

Here is the answer from support - “Upon checking, your item Energetic Sport Beat is just in a proofing hold. Meaning we just need to look into this further. It’s part of our review process”

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Well, if they have already answered you, then you need to wait for them to check this track .

Good luck!

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@CleanMagicAudio Thank You! I really hope that the wait is a little

I think you should write to the support team. I had such a case with music packages, they reported that it was a technical failure, (That item was the last in the queue) and solveds this issue. I do not remember the exact details. I think there is nothing wrong if you contact customer support.
I think that you will be helped to solve this problem. (If it has not yet been solved)

All the best! :+1::+1::+1:

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My track is held too- now it is 2 months. I wrote to the support team and they wrote me back I have to wait. So I’m waiting for 2 months now :frowning: Wish for you more luck than I had, and they check you item earlier !

@SmartSounds - Thank you for Your Feedback. Support responded that this is a review process :upside_down_face:
@Fox_Production - 2 months is terrible. I truly feel for you :hushed:
Hopefully, envato will solve the problems with checking tracks in the coming days. :roll_eyes:

My track was tested and approved! Thanks to Envato team! Today Super Day!! :nerd_face:

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@AudioSport - They finally approved my hold track ! After 2 months ! I´m so happy :slight_smile:)
You can find it in my pordfolio. Do you hear some problem with the track? Do you understand why?

@Fox_Production - We are three times more pleasant to get the approval of the track :yum:
Yes I listened to your track and actually heard a sharp 0:23 volume increase, similar to a crash. and so all well.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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