More than 5 items in queue?

Hello, guys!! Is there any changes on Envato queue and I don’t’ know? More than 5 items in queue? Cause I’ve found an fellow author with 88 music songs released in One day. Today. Am I missing something? It’s really possible?

Maybe he transferred his music from old account… :smile:

Yep… maybe:slight_smile:

As far as i know if you are transferring items between accounts you have to follow common rules. So it suppose to be 5 items in queue i guess.

Probably special circumstances like an account transfer… But rest assured, it is only a great disadvantage to have 88 tracks go live on the same day. Pretty much the worst thing you can do in this market.

Actually this author had 60 sales on 24 january…I think he transfered all the files once, but AJ counted all of his sales like he did it in the same day…Pretty strange…