More than 200.000 streams on Spotify!



Hi there!
I just wanted to share my latest achievement: my vesion of the classical “Brahms Lullaby” recently surpassed 200.000 streams on spotify!

Please share with all your friends with babies! :smiley:

This is the story behind this album:
It was 2007 when a dear friend of mine announced the birth of his beautiful daughter Bianca. I wanted to make him a great present so I decided to
compose several lullabies expecially for Bianca. It was in that time that the first ten track of this album were recorded. Actually, it took me only a few days to fix the ideas and to record the melodies and the arrangments, because I felt really inspired by the event. I named the CD “Ninna Nanna… Sogni d’oro”, which could be translated as “Lullaby… Sweet Dreams”, and when I gave them it was a nice surprise for both mum and dad: they liked my gift and the music a lot… also because it seemed that the lullabies really worked and Bianca was calming down when listening to my cd!
Two years passed and two other friends of mine had two beautiful daughters, too… It was time to compose some new music! Inspiration to write was not a problem, and in summer 2009 the last nine track were recorded. A full length album, 40 minutes with 19 lullabies, was finally realized.
The CD cover was realized by my girlfriend Costanza just about one week before she became my girlfriend… I spoke her about my music projects and about these lullabies CD, that at the time was still without an original cover. It was really a nice present! :slight_smile:
In these two years I gave the CD to several friends as a present for their children and each one enjoyed the music.
I finally decide to digital distribute my music in 2011, hoping that your babies will enjoy listening to these lullabies just as the children of my friends did. The only doubt regarded the track titles. I had the thought to translate all the titles in english, but finally I decided that it was better to keep the original italian names which were chosen in the composition period, and which better express my feeling regarding my music.

Some songs of the albums are also available for licensing on audiojungle, and the very song “brahms lullaby” is in first place when you search for, ehm…“brahms lullaby” :slight_smile:


Great job!
If I might ask… how much revenue for 200k+ streams? (i think not much, but I’m just curious!! :wink: )


Much less than what you think! The share is something like 0.002-0.003$ per stream… And I’m on Spotify since several years!


That’s a bit surprising, I have some music on Spotify via Record Union (which takes 8-13%) and I keep the rest and for me the standard statistical revenue has been close to 0.007-0.008…


Probably the share of cdbaby is higher…


Congratulation @bosone :tada:


Congrats, beautiful story :smiley: