More terrible tracks on AJ

Why reviewers approove more terrible, non professional works? It needs to be more quality bar for the authors. More other stocks grows up, but AJ grows down with these more weak tracks. Its hard to find realy good tracks. On the main page, with new tracks, nothing good for buyers. If reviewers dont change approve rooles, AJ change from quality to quantity. This is sad. Im on market as author, and sometimes needs to buy music for video projects, and its realy hard to listed tons of realy bad, similar tracks

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maybe you can improve your search with some key words… (jazz… classical… complex… cult…)
I don’t know, I think this is a very big and variated market with tons and tons of options. Here are lots of friends doing great stuff!! :wink:
And sometimes, the “worst” track from your point of view is the best option from another…
good luck!


Well, I see a lot of posts here about rejections. So it means that reviewers are doing their job IMHO.
And yes, it would be great to raise a bar of quality but the quality of music is very subjective thing.


Well, maybe you subjectively evaluate that only you do not like, “terrible tracks” for you? I have not seen “terrible, non professional works” here (AJ). There are a lot of good tracks for every taste, in vain you speak so negatively.
Good luck!


You know my beloved friend, it’s not nice to criticize others when you’re stealing 1:1 Composition from other competing platforms :rofl: … funny


ridiculously that you’re still talking about the excessive similarity of other authors tracks :-1:

Good Luck :heart:

(and referring to the subject, I agree somewhat…, there are such cases, but there are few of them mostly in “less popular” categories, or a little more in corporate “genre” :thinking:.

  • I agree with the previous speakers regarding the subjectivity of the opinion

Hm I have got around 50/ 60 rejections there 0 on other stock market, it seems that is clearly harder to get approved here so don’t worry reviewers do their jobs :slight_smile: But your comments sound a bit pretentious and are not very respectful to people who work hard every day to be accepted and who work hard to progress. We are not all lucky enough to produce music for 7 years. Some like me are still learning and I do not think it deserves to close the doors to these people. Otherwise you have to join specialized musicstores with publishers for TV placements or something like that :slight_smile: (You will find high quality music for sure)


Totally agree, In life it’s all about learning, as in music… you never stop learning. Main objective.


Exactly, from the moment you seek to have a professional approach you can only progress and move forward, the approach is more important in the long term than the result in the short term

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touché! :slight_smile: :sunglasses::+1:

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I dont want to offend anyone. But… Watch youtube. There a more and more channels and courses to learn “how to write music for AJ”. All this lessons are teath how to compose template music with one single chord progression. CopyPaste. And young authors, instead of growth own skills, “create” tracks for AJ. Someone 2-3 tracks per day. This is race for upload rates, fake comments, cheating. And many of this tracks approved for sale. Tones of it. You can take offense, and blame me to “community”, but… this is not only my things about the AJ is go to be a tone of junk, templated music tracks.

Since we hardly find artistic things on music background, we don’t know which one is good. Anyway, most of them use very common chord progressions over and over to the end of the world. What is not terrible ?

yes, I agree, and many other sites now simply refuse all these “corporate” tracks.

But you criticize the CopyPaste, similarity, so you should answer @nolyrics
and tell him that you are indeed Yan Perchuk! (I don’t see any other explanation!)


Yes, regarding corporate accepted excessively, I agree. I do not do corporate and I try things not too formatted so that’s probably why my music is much rejected on Aj. Formulated this way your message is clearer and at this point I agree :slight_smile:

I heard this track somewhere in AD and was inspired by it. Yes, its similar, but i never copy AJ authors. And sure never “steal”. One thing if you inspired and try to compose some interesting track, and other, when you everyday try to copy AJ trends, with hopes lot sales

If you did not steal this track, you must have used the same construction kit as Yan Perchuck. If this was a featured file it would be deleted quickly. I do not see why it should be different now either. It is a total rip off in my ears.

I suggest you remove it yourself, save us all the time it takes contacting support.


:sweat_smile: I want to be as smart as you, just hear a song somewhere and remember the whole arrangement, melody, harmonies.
Also the transposition is quite close to the original :joy:

Also, audiojungle trends are rather one of the most important determinants on which genre you should focus your music production (if your main source of income is, of course, envato) , I think everyone here is to earn money by (especially) composing for the current trends.

And this sentence about copying other artists compositions, aside of the AJ artist is quite funny (as argument) :laughing:

@MediaSpectr I must to admit that my words may be somehow “rude”, but if I see a person who accuses others of something and does the same, then something in me wakes up :confused:

AND YOU wants to improve the situation while consciously making it worse, terrible behavior in my opinion


Interesting interpretation of the term ‘inspired’. The chord progression, key, structure, instrumentation and melody are pretty much identical. I wonder how many other tracks you’ve been “inspired” by.


Yes. Exaxtly this track is similar. ok. Maybe you are right about me. My experiment. Learn this new genre for me. But this thread is about tracks with realy “not good” quality at all. And this tracks is here, on AJ. An when i search for a track for video commercial, i see a lot of this tracks. And realy hope the reviewers set upper quality range

Well, technically the thread is called “More terrible tracks on AJ”, since the idea of selling copyrighted music as your own is pretty terrible, I would say your track fits that label, so my post is on point. But just so it fits your criteria, I will say that I would rather authors here copy trends and make music that fits into specific genres than blatantly rip off other people’s tracks.